Should You Carry Rental Reimbursement on Your Auto Insurance Policy?

At GTW Insurance, we’re all about helping our clients get the right amount of car insurance coverage for their needs and budget. One of the most common questions we get from customers is whether they actually need rental reimbursement coverage.

In most cases, this is a great addition to have to your policy. Here are a few reasons why NE Arkansas residents should carry rental reimbursement on their auto insurance policies.

Rental Reimbursement Helps Provide Transportation When You Need It Most

What would you do if your car was damaged in an auto accident or stolen? Would you be able to get to work or take your kids to school? The primary reason to add rental reimbursement coverage to your auto insurance policy is that it helps provide transportation when you need it most—after an accident or theft while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced.

Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage is Relatively Inexpensive

In comparison to paying out-of-pocket, rental car reimbursement coverage is relatively inexpensive. Imagine paying only a few dollars extra a month on your policy premium payment to avoid having to pay several hundred while your vehicle was in the repair shop after an accident. For many drivers, this equates to a savings plan that really makes the most sense.

You Might Need a Rental Even If the Accident Wasn’t Your Fault

If you’re involved in an accident that isn’t your fault, the other insurance company will likely pay for you to have a rental car while your vehicle is repaired. But what if the other person doesn’t have insurance or is hit-and-run? If you have rental reimbursement on your policy, you might be able to use it while your vehicle is inoperable.

Buying car insurance in NE Arkansas doesn’t have to be complicated. Contact our GTW Insurance team today to schedule an appointment.