Renter’s Insurance Covers What Other Policies Don’t

You might think just because you don’t own your home that you don’t need insurance. However, this isn’t the case. Renter’s insurance from GTW Insurance, serving NE Arkansas and the surrounding region, has other benefits.

1. Coverage for Traveling

If you travel or go on frequent business trips, you could find benefit in having a renter’s insurance policy for this reason alone. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you have insurance that’ll protect the belongings you travel with. In some cases, the policy covers whether you travel within the states or out of the country.

2. Your Belongings

Your renter’s insurance policy may cover your belongings. That means, if your possessions should happen to get stolen or damaged, your policy will provide you with compensation, so you’re able to replace the items.

3. Damage You Cause

Let’s say your hot plate catches your curtains on fire. If the fire spreads to your neighbor’s apartment or townhouse, you could find yourself responsible for any damages it causes, especially if the other person doesn’t have renter’s insurance. Your renter’s insurance policy will cover any damages to your neighbor’s dwelling or possessions.

4. Accidents

Let’s say your neighbor parks their car in front of your houses, and you accidentally hit it pulling in. You may not have to file the claim on your car insurance if you have a renter’s insurance policy.

5. Keeps the Landlord Happy

If you’re living in a place somebody else owns, they don’t want to be responsible for everything that happens inside of the home. With renter’s insurance, the landlord doesn’t have to be responsible for everything you do while you live in the residence.

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