Finding Umbrella Insurance in NE Arkansas

What Does Umbrella Insurance Protect You From?

Umbrella insurance is sometimes referred to as personal liability insurance in the NE Arkansas area. GTW offers umbrella insurance so that you can fill those gaps that other insurances might not cover. Let’s say that you have an auto accident and your house was involved and someone was hurt.

But you are not limited to personal umbrella insurance. Plenty of customers choose to pick up umbrella insurance for their commercial business too.  Sometimes, not having that gap insurance is just enough to put you out of business. Some businesses have a higher loss potential, so umbrella insurance is necessary, especially if your business has more public exposure than most. 

Does it Cover Gap Insurance?

There could be some limits on your policies and umbrella insurance is there to cover a gap. Perhaps, something like a $400,000 rebuild on your home’s concrete or a crash involving several cars. In some cases, there could be an unexpected lawsuit. This is exactly the kind of gap insurance that umbrella insurance is here for. 

Does GTW Insurance Encourage Umbrella Insurance?

We do recommend it in many cases. The cost outweighs the peace of mind. When your liability limits are exhausted, you are covered for things that you may not have thought about. It could be a neighborhood getting bit by your dog. Maybe you need legal coverage for your whole family.

What to Consider if You Are Working on a Budget in NE Arkansas

Umbrella Insurance usually comes in increments of $1,000,000 at affordable costs. If you live in the NE Arkansas region, you just give GTW Insurance a call, and we’ll come up with a solution that works for you. 800-501-2066