Drowsy Driving: How to Avoid It

Whether you are driving through Imperial or anywhere else in Missouri, you need to make sure that you are staying off the road if you are drowsy. Drowsy drivers are responsible for more than 100,000 police reported crashes every single year – and the CDC estimates that there are many more that go unreported.

A crash could harm you or someone else, and if you are the drowsy driver, the blame falls squarely on your shoulders. This can be avoided by making the decision to not get behind the wheel when you are tired.

You should always try to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night so that you are not falling asleep at the wheel. Getting a good night’s sleep is critical, especially when you know you are going to be doing a lot of driving.

Any time that you are doing long distance driving, such as driving across the state of Missouri or even across the country, you want to try and have another licensed driver to share the driving duties. It is also a good idea to break approximately every two hours or 100 miles so that you can get out and stretch.

You don’t want to become a statistic, therefore if you are drowsy the simple answer is to stay off the road. Ask someone to drive you home or call a cab so that you are not getting behind the wheel on your own. Even if it’s an inconvenience, you don’t want to be the one to fall asleep at the wheel – 60% of adult drivers have admitted to doing this, and it can lead to an accident.

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