Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Flooding?

If you have never purchased renter’s insurance, or are unsure about the details of the policy, you may have many questions about the scope of the coverage that the policy offers. One of the most common questions about renter’s insurance is whether or not it covers flooding and water damage. Unfortunately, most renter’s insurance policies do not cover damage from flooding. 

Protection From Flooding

If you are renting in an area that is prone to flooding or is near a coastline that has frequent storms, you will have to purchase a separate flood insurance policy in addition to your renter’s insurance policy to give yourself complete coverage from potential losses. Your insurance provider may offer flood insurance policies so inquire about it before making a decision.  Discuss your options with your insurance provider to gain more insight and become a more informed consumer. In most cases, they can offer you protection options that will give you the level of coverage you need. 

Working With Your Agent

Your insurance agent is one of the key elements in getting insurance products that benefit you and protect you from covered events. Discuss the fine print and terms and conditions associated with your policy. An informed agent can explain what is covered and what is not as well as coverage amounts. If you live in or around the NE Arkansas area, GTW Insurance is an excellent option for renter’s insurance coverage. 

For more information on renter’s insurance, call or stop by GTW Insurance. They proudly serve the residents of NE Arkansas. Get the insurance products you need to fit your lifestyle and protect you from the uncertainties of tomorrow. 

What Does Commercial Property Insurance Really Cover?

A NE Arkansas business like yours needs commercial property insurance to ensure the business and the property it’s located on. Ozark culture is unique, and GTW Insurance can keep your local Ozark business operating and successful for years to come, no matter what. (GTW Insurance is a locally owned and operated independent insurance agency in the St. Louis, Missouri, area serving NE Arkansas, as well.) Let’s take a look at what commercial property insurance is and what it covers in the Natural State.

What is Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial property insurance is a great idea for any business in NE Arkansas. It often goes hand in hand with commercial insurance options for autos, general liability, and workers compensation, all of which GTW Insurance offers in its Business Owner Packages tailored to your business. Give us a call to discuss the commercial insurance package that works best for your business.

What does Commercial Property Insurance Cover in NE Arkansas?

Commercial property insurance ensures your business’ physical assets against fire and explosions; vandalism and theft; burst pipes; and severe weather that may hit NE Arkansas such as severe thunderstorms, hail, lightning, straight-line winds, and tornadoes. (Earthquakes and floods may need to be added to your policy.)  In April 2017, there was deadly flooding in the state and in 2014 the Mayflower/Vilonia Tornado hit. Severe weather can cause serious damage to your commercial property and business, and GTW Insurance can help you stay prepared.

Since commercial property insurance covers your business building, everything in it, and everything just outside of it, you can expect the following items to be covered:

  • Computers, monitors, and devices
  • Exterior signage
  • Furniture
  • Equipment
  • Landscaping and fencing
  • Product and supplies inventory
  • Others’ property

This is great news if you live in an area prone to severe weather and are worried about your business if a disaster occurs. Let GTW Insurance help you find the best commercial property policy for you, and get you started on ensuring your valuable business today.