Are Motorcycles Included In Multi-car Discounts?

In NE Arkansas, residents who own motorcycles can receive a multi-car discount when they include their bike on their auto insurance policy. At GTW Insurance, the agents can write multi-vehicle policies to cover almost any family’s insurance needs. It’s important to have the amount of coverage you need to meet the state’s mandatory requirements as well as keep your family safe from financial loss.

Multi-Car Discounts

Multi-car discounts are used to help keep car insurance premiums manageable, especially when families own more than one vehicle. Motorcycles are commonly included in multi-car discounts as a way to keep policies more affordable. People who own motorcycles use them as daily drivers in many cases simply because they are more affordable to drive on a day to day basis. While they are also used for personal or recreational use, they can save hundreds of dollars a year in fuel when driven back and forth to work on a regular basis.

Bundling Your Insurance

Many families have multiple vehicles that they use on a day to day basis. Whether you have students who drive, an extra vehicle in case of emergencies, and daily drivers for the adults in the home, more than one vehicle policy isn’t needed when you can bundle all of your vehicles into one policy. Many insurance companies allow their customers to take things a step further and include their home and boats into a bundled policy.

At GTW Insurance, the agents work with NE Arkansas residents to help find the best way to ensure all of their vehicles. If you have questions about how bundled policies or multi-car discounts work, call the office today and speak to one of the licensed insurance agents.

Will Umbrella Insurance Protect Your Family?

There are many residents of NE Arkansas who are interested in high-quality umbrella insurance policies. At GTW Insurance, we find that many people want to get these policies to protect their families. There are many instances in which these policies can protect you and your family from serious financial loss.

The Nature Of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is designed to kick in when your other policies fail. It will add extra coverage types and cash that makes it a beneficial choice for a variety of people. For example, it may provide you with extra collision coverage if you get into an auto accident. One of its most important and beneficial aspects is how it protects you from serious lawsuits due to personal injuries or accidents.

How It Protects Your Family

Umbrella insurance can protect your family by providing you with a safety net. Essentially, it will help protect you when serious lawsuits or personal injuries affect your family. For example, if your teenage daughter is sued after a car accident, umbrella insurance can kick in to prevent her and your family from a pricey and difficult lawsuit.

Where It Might Fail

Umbrella insurance is usually a comprehensive type that provides for a variety of needs. However, it can fail your family if the medical bills you are paying for or the liability lawsuit costs are higher than your coverage allows. This situation is rare, but it may occur if the damage that occurs is too severe or costs too much to manage.

Getting The Best Policy Coverage For Your Needs

At GTW Insurance, we can help people in NE Arkansas get the umbrella coverage that they want and deserve. Our policies are designed to suit the needs of a large number of people and will work hard to ensure that your umbrella coverage is suitable for your needs.