Does My Motorcycle Insurance Cover Other Riders?

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you may be tempted at times to give other people rides on your bike, or allow others to drive your motorcycle. However, before you let anyone get on your bike and explore the NE Arkansas highways, as a driver or passenger, you need to make sure they are covered in the case of an accident.

Does My Motorcycle Insurance Cover My Passengers?

Whether or not your riders or passengers are covered when on your bike depends on the type of motorcycle insurance policy you have. For the most part, motorcycle liability (the most common type of insurance) won’t cover any riding passengers in the event of an accident. In order to protect yourself and your passenger, a comprehensive and collision coverage plan should be in place. If your rider also has their own motorcycle coverage, that may kick in after your coverage limits have been reached, to bridge any gaps in liability

Can I Add Other Riders To My Policy?

Most motorcycle insurance policies offer the option to add other riders to your policy and extend your coverage to them. If you do add a specific person by name, any damages that result from an accident or collision may not be covered under your policy.

How Do I Add Other Riders To My Coverage?

GTW Insurance will request a list of names of riders you would like covered under your policy. They will then check those drivers’ driving records. Those results will determine the cost of your motorcycle insurance policy. Some policies provide very limited coverage even if a rider is not named explicitly, but that is rare.

Why Do I Need Coverage for Other Riders?

For NE Arkansas riders, motorcycle liability insurance is essential, as motorcyclists are often sued due to the stigma of motorcycles as being dangerous. Look for a GTW Insurance policy that covers you against property damage as well as liability for any other driver in order to protect your assets in the event you are sued when you were not the one driving your motorcycle.

Full Coverage: Defense is the Best Offense

Chances are if you are reading this you have already learned the value of having good insurance. Having the right insurance provider is akin to having the right defensive strategy, coordination, and players on the football field.

Just like in football, with insurance, full coverage is the ideal situation. Think of disasters and unanticipated expenses as a well-oiled offense, just waiting for the slightest chink in your armor. That is why it is so important if you want to stay in the game, whether it be commercial or residential, business or personal insurance, you need a solid defense, an iron curtain if you will protect you from problems like lawsuits and other potential problems.

The best defenses cover every aspect of the field, the passing and the rushing game, versatility, and adaptation are key. Insurance is no different. If you want the best protection, umbrella insurance, or full coverage is the way to go.

Curious as to the difference between umbrella insurance and the insurance you already have? Here are a few distinct differences:

  • Bodily Injury Liability – If you cause an accident or a guest gets injured on your property, umbrella insurance will cover this.
  • Law Suits – Protection from lawsuits is vital in this day and age, and you can usually only get that with umbrella insurance. It covers things like libel, slander, false arrest, and malicious prosecution.
  • Property Damage Liability – Most insurance does not cover the full range of property damage caused by you to another. Umbrella insurance fixes this issue.

So if you are looking for the kind of coverage to keep you safe, GTW Insurance offers a great umbrella program. They also offer this coverage all over the states, whether it is NE Arkansas or New York, New York.