Covering your RV with adequate insurance

There are different kinds of RV’s so obviously, there would be different levels and types of insurance for your RV. A motorized RV can be as expensive as a house, while a trailer can be worth just a couple thousand dollars.  In Arkansas liability is required for a motorized RV, just like it would be for an automobile. The GTW Insurance agency in NE Arkansas has  a wide variety of RV coverages available.

Also similar to automobiles, you can get RV insurance on the unit itself as well as its contents. There is a collision and comprehensive coverage available. Collision only covers major damage to the vehicle or trailer, and while it is the cheapest, it also covers the least.

A comprehensive policy costs more but covers just about anything that could happen to your RV. Hail damage from storms or wind damage could be covered by such a policy. Contents can also be covered, or you could get a separate policy on valuables inside your RV. The question is how much you want to spend. There are several levels of insurance, and you can get anything you want to be covered.  This type policy would also cover theft, though not many RV’s are stolen. You could also get coverage for fires, which could happen if you are cooking in an RV.

Visit the GTW Insurance agency in NE Arkansas and let them help you find the RV insurance you need for your individual situation. You can get the level of coverage you are comfortable with, depending on your budget.  It can be confusing as there are several types of RV’s out there and whether or not it is motorized makes a big difference. Your automobile coverage does not cover your RV in most cases, and in Arkansas, some liability insurance is required.

Do You Need Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance?

If you have never owned a motorcycle, or have questions about the level of coverage you selected, the following information will help you determine if you need full coverage or basic liability coverage to protect you in the event of a collision or some other type of accident.

Are You Financing?

If you are making payments on your motorcycle, most likely you are required by your lender to keep full coverage insurance so their investment is protected. Even if you purchased your new motorcycle outright, and do not have to make payments, you are going to want to protect your investment by purchasing full coverage insurance. There are different ways to tailor your motorcycle insurance to fit your individual needs. Keep in mind, however, the lower the deductible, the higher the monthly premium.

Do You Have An Older Motorcycle?

If you own an older motorcycle, you can adjust the coverage to only include liability. Make sure that you feel comfortable with minimal coverage, because, in the event of a covered accident, you will not be able to repair or replace it.  Before making a decision, it is best to weigh your options to find the solution that is best suited to you. If you live in or near NE Arkansas, GTW Insurance would like the chance to discuss your needs and help you obtain the coverage you need to protect you on the open road.

Making informed decisions is the best way to protect your investment.  For residents around NE Arkansas, GTW Insurance can give you the insurance products you need and answer any questions you may have. Call or stop in today for more information.