Staying Safe On The Road With Your Bicycle

It’s always important to say safe on the road when you are on your bicycle. You have a lot of the same rights as motor vehicles, and this means that you need to share the road with the cars. The more tips you know about staying safe, the safer you will be – and it may also give you some more confidence when you are out on the roads in heavy traffic.

Be Predictable

Be as predictable as possible when you are riding. This means riding in a straight line and avoiding swerving whenever possible. You should also use hand signals, so people know if you are going to be turning.

Tune Up Your Bike

Just like your car needs a tune-up from time to time, so does your bike. This includes tire inflation and brake checks.

Know the Rules

Always know the rules of the road. Arkansas rules can change from city to city, and even within the city, there may be certain roads that you cannot ride on.

Watch for Hazards

Always be on the lookout for hazards, including piles of leaves, gravel, and various dangers that could cause you to lose control.


It is also important for you to accessorize your bicycle. This includes not only a helmet for you, but also mirrors, reflectors, and even a bell. This will make it easier for you to alert pedestrians, look at potential hazards, and more. If you are going to be riding at night, you should also plan on getting a headlight and taillights.

At GTW Insurance, we want to do everything we can to keep you safe on your bicycle as well as in your car. Call and talk to one of our friendly insurance agents today and we will help to find affordable premiums for you.