Is Umbrella Insurance Right For You?

Finding the right form of insurance is important. When living in NE Arkansas, you are more likely to encounter certain events than what a person in Oklahoma or Georgia might see, which is why your insurance coverage needs to protect you and your household. GTW Insurance can help you select the very best insurance for your particular needs, including umbrella insurance. 

What is Umbrella Insurance?

You may have heard people talk about umbrella insurance in passing, but unless someone explains the topic, you may not completely understand the concept. It is a form of extra liability insurance. This way, it can protect you on major claims and on potential lawsuits. This way, it helps protects assets and your financial future. Essentially, it fills in the gaps other forms of insurance may have while also covering a variety of different assets you own. 

Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

This really comes down to what you own. The more you own, the greater your risk of potential damage or even a levied lawsuit, which increases your need for coverage. If you only own a vehicle or a home and that is it, you likely don’t need umbrella insurance. But perhaps you own a car and home, as well as a boat, ATVs, or other invested items. When this is the case, having the additional coverage to fill in gaps is important. 

Another reason you might want to consider umbrella insurance is if you run a business from your home. If your business is ever sued, it puts your own home and other personal assets at potential risk. The umbrella insurance is there to help protect what you own. So, whether you need to replace potential damage or you’re on the receiving end of a lawsuit, umbrella insurance is right for you.