7 Essential Hacks for Organized Closets

Are your closets in such disarray you’re having a tough time getting for work in the morning? Get that mess organized with these essential hacks.

Hack #1 – Put Up Some Pegboard

Put up a bit of pegboard in your closet. Choose the size that best fits your closet at a local hardware store. Once you install it on the wall, you can add some rods and hooks to the pegboard, making it a great place to hang up your jewelry, scarves, and handbags.

Hack #2 – Purchase Tiered Hangers

If you have too many clothes for your closet, purchase some tiered hangers. They allow you to hang multiple garments at once, helping you to save some space in the closet.

Hack #3 – Add Shelves

Do you have some available vertical space in the closet? Add some shelves. Then you can add baskets or boxes to the shelves to store items effectively.

Hack #4 – Include Shelf Dividers

Make your own cubbies and nooks using shelf dividers on your shelves. This offers a perfect spot to store folded stacks of clothing.

Hack #5 – Add Another Closet Rod

Adding another closet rod to the closet at a lower level offers a perfect way to store more hanging clothes. You can easily hang up shorter items, such as crop tops, short skirts, and shorts.

Hack #6 – Install a Curtain to Replace the Door

For a small bedroom, consider installing a curtain to replace your door. It will make it easier to accommodate everything in the closet while adding a little extra space in the room.

Hack #7 – Invest in a Shoe Rack

Shoes can take up a lot of space in the bottom of the closet. Invest in a shoe rack that goes over the door to use up that space.

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Driving Tips for Teens

Whether you are in Imperial, MO or anywhere else. The fact of the matter is that when your teen starts to drive it can be a frightening experience.  There are a lot of things that they need to know and that you should discuss with them before they hit the roads.  Here is a look at some of them.

  • What to do when a police officer pulls you over – pull safely to the side of the road and roll down your window.  Make sure your hands stay in plain sight and don’t argue with the officer or make any sudden moves.
  • Flat tires – Get completely off the road.  Call roadside assistance and tell them where you are located.  When they get to you, allow them to change the tire.  If you have a spare tire and know how to change it, get off the road and change it yourself.
  • Check engine light – If the check engine light comes on and you notice smoke from the tailpipe, any noises or a change in the performance of the vehicle, pull to the side of the road and call for roadside assistance.  If none of these things accompany the light, take the car to a mechanic or dealership to have the problem identified and corrected.
  • Driving and cell phones – this is never a good combination for teen drivers and should be thoroughly discussed.  Tell your teen to pull off the side of the road before touching a cell phone while they are driving.  This could save their life as well as the lives of anyone around them on the road.

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