Safe Driving Tips for Back to School

School is in session in NE Arkansas and that means teen drivers are once again commuting to high school and college campuses across this corner of the state.  These added vehicles along with droves of yellow school buses create more traffic and because of this, drivers need to pay extra attention when driving to and from school.  Here are ways to help you and others say safe on the road this school year.

Slow Down

School zones have reduced speed limits.  Whether it is the morning or afternoon rush of dropping off and picking up or any other time of day that school is officially in session, drivers need to be aware of the school zone speed limit and slow down upon entry.  Pedestrians can be unpredictable but if you know the right procedures you will be able to respond appropriately.  

Follow Procedures

Schools have proper procedures in place for picking up and dropping off students.  As a commuter to that campus, you need to be aware of these rules even if you are not going to be picking up or dropping off students.  Simply being cognizant of pedestrian and driver rules for your campus will make you a more alert and responsible driver.  

Share the Road with School Buses

As a general rule, when you are sharing the road with a school bus, give that bus a wide berth.  This way, when it slows down to pick up or let off children, you have plenty of time to stop.  The area around the bus is dangerous for children and drivers need to be aware of their surroundings at all times when a bus is loading or unloading children.  

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Ways to Get Your Kids to Help in Spring Cleaning

With the warmer weather comes the perfect time to clean your home. It opens up a world of opportunities for you, but you probably need some help with the cleaning. If you have children, chances are they contribute a large portion to the dirt and grime that has built up around the home. This is why at GTW Insurance we have a few recommendations for how you should bring your children into the fold and propel them into helping clean your Imperial, MO home. 

Monetary Reward

It really is true that money talks. No way around it. Your children are far more likely to help and to put in a solid effort cleaning the house when they believe money is at the end of the job. Now, depending on your child and their age, maybe just a dollar or two works out. It just depends on how much you want to pay them. However, for children without a job, offering a few bucks to help is worth it. 

Make a Game Out of It

There are plenty of ways to make a game out of it. See who can clean wash one floor faster than the other (as an example), then each winner receives a point. Have several different rounds and different cleaning "challanges." The winner is able to do something special, like pick out a restaurant for dinner or maybe receive a bonus on their allowance. Making a game out of it works exceptionally well for younger children. 

Offer Something They Don’t Have

It can prove a bit more difficult to motivate older children. However, as the adult, you have items they want. Maybe you can offer to drive them to the movies with their friends, or allow them to borrow the car. Always use leverage.