Safety Tips Before Summer Boating Season

Summer is the perfect boating system. However, before you get out on that boat this year, you may want to take some time to prep the boat so you are safe all summer long. There are a few important things to do before the season is here. Use our tips to get started and stay safe this summer.

  • De-winterize your boat. Most boat owners winterize their boats before the cold weather (if you don’t, you should start!). If you were one of those boat owners, then make sure the first thing you do before summer is de-winterize the boat so it can be used. 
  • Get a tune up. It is best practice to get a tune up every year on your boat. If you do it before summer every year, you will always remember. Take some time to get your boat in tip top shape with a tune up!
  • Check your life jackets and fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are another thing that you should check every year and this is the best time to do that. Make sure they are functioning properly and that you are stocked with plenty. The bigger your boat, the more you will need. Also, make sure that you have enough life jackets on board for all passengers and make sure they are still in good shape. Hopefully you never have to use these items but you still want to make sure they work and are on board at all times. 

One of the most important ways to stay safe, besides having life jackets and fire extinguishers on board, is having a great boat policy. If you would like to learn more about getting a policy or even explore your current policy, please contact us at GTW Insurance today! 

Renter’s Guide To Renovating

When you want to renovate your rental home, it’s important to do so. It can help to breathe new life into the kitchen and other areas of the home. However, you want to check with your landlord to see what you can and cannot do before you begin.

Understand the Rules

Find out the dos and don’ts from your landlord before you do anything. You don’t want to be in breach of your agreement. If you can start a good conversation, the landlord may even be willing to pay for some of the improvements you want to make.

Minor Improvements

If you’re not allowed to do much, you can still do a lot – it just won’t be permanent. Use art and other décor for the walls. Upgrade the lighting or add a lamp to improve the overall ambience of the kitchen. You can even use a cool rug in the kitchen, perhaps to hide flooring that you aren’t a big fan of. Anything that’s removable can be changed without the landlord getting upset.

Major Improvements

If allowed, you may be able to do quite a few other things, such as painting, adding a backsplash, adding new hardware pulls, and even updating the flooring. Before you do anything like this, get it in writing that you are allowed to make these changes. This way, you aren’t changing things based upon a verbal agreement alone. In many instances, you will be able to paint any color you want as long as you return it to the original color when you move out. Depending on how long you are going to stay, it may be worth the investment.

Any time that you’re renting, you can count on our agents at GTW Insurance to help you find coverage that will give you peace of mind in Imperial, Missouri.