Stay Safe on Your Hog During Deer Season

Autumn is upon us, which means the horizon is beginning to yellow and deer are on the move. While a collision is probably not on many people’s bucket lists, hitting a large animal on a motorcycle can be deadly – and not just for the deer. Consider the following tips to stay safe on your bike this deer season.

1. Avoid driving during the most active hours for deer

Deer are most lively early in the morning and right around twilight, which is why hunters generally choose these times to practice their sport. The best way to avoid encountering a deer is to ride while they are least active and avoid being on the road at dawn and dusk.

2. Be careful in areas with deer crossing signs

Caution should be applied everywhere, but in areas with deer crossing signs, extra care should be taken. These often indicate that deer have been spotted on the road in that area before, and they are likely to be seen there again.

3. Avoid country roads, especially at night

Deer are much less likely to appear on busy highways with 50’ of clearing around them than they are to stumble onto a poorly lit country road. Additionally, those streets are often very curvy, which means you may not see an animal standing in the road until you are just feet away from it.

4. If you see a deer, watch for others

Because deer usually travel in groups, it’s not uncommon to see more than one after you’ve spotted the first.

5. Make sure your bike is properly insured

The state of Missouri requires all motorists, including motorcycle riders, to properly insure their vehicles. Varying levels of coverage are available to suit different types of bikes. Make certain you have the right policy by checking your coverage locally with GTW Insurance.  

3 Reasons to Choose an Independent Insurance Agent

When you set out to purchase insurance, making tons of calls seems to be the most obvious way to get the insurance you want. Unfortunately, getting insurance quotes this way is ineffective and time-consuming. However, if you opt to work with one of our insurance agents in Imperial, MD, you can get the insurance you want with little effort.

Independent Insurance Agents Partner with Multiple Carriers

When you visit one of the GTW Insurance offices, you will find an army of independent insurance agents waiting to assist you. Beyond our staff, our agents partner with multiple insurance providers to ensure that we can offer you a competitive selection of insurance products.

Get Hard-To-Find Coverage with an Independent Insurance Agent

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Working with an Independent Insurance Agent Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

One of the disadvantages of working with a captive insurance agent is the fact that they only have access to their insurance product. In essence, you either take what they have to offer or you leave it. When you work with an independent insurance agent, they work with you, acting as your consultant, informing you about the available products that are accessible to them. Armed with that information, you are in complete control over what you purchase; you are in the driver’s seat.

Getting the insurance you need doesn’t have to be a hassle. By contacting one of our independent insurance agents at GTW Insurance, you can begin the process of getting the coverage that is right for you. In a hurry? You can visit our website to get a free quote.