Fall Car Care Tips for Imperial, MO

You rely on your car to get you around each day. What would you do without it? If you get stranded in the cold this winter, what would you do? Fortunately, taking measures in the fall will help you protect your car from extremely cold temperatures in Imperial, MO.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

Although many people ignore it, your owner’s manual contains a wealth of information to help you prepare your car for the winter. For starters, it contains information pertaining to car maintenance time frames. Armed with this information, you can prevent being stranded on the road during a harsh winter storm.

Keep Your Oil Checked

The oil in your car is vitally important to your car. With good, clean oil in your car, your mechanical systems will continue to work smoothly. You should follow your manufacturer’s recommendation regarding changing your oil and what type of oil to put in your car. Changing your oil as recommended will help you keep your car on the road.

Maintain Your Tires

Good tires are critical when it comes to driving safely on the road. Driving with bad tires can cause accidents and place you in a life-threatening situation. Tires with ample tread help you grip the road while you are driving on icy surfaces, which helps you avoid accidents while you are traveling.

Check Your Battery

Extremely cold temperatures are harsh on your battery. The cold weather interferes with the chemical reactions required to make your battery function as it should. Conducting regular battery checks will help you ensure that your battery works each time you crank your care. Additionally, make sure you turn off everything electrical to prevent your battery from draining.

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