Get a Renters Insurance Policy with Your Name on It

Insurance policies are designed to provide specific individuals, those who are named on the policy, with insurance coverage. They usually don’t provide coverage to people who aren’t named on them. Therefore, if you rent an apartment in Imperial, MO, you can’t just rely on anyone’s renters insurance policy. You need a renters insurance policy that specifically names you as a covered individual.

Checking to See If You’re Named on a Policy

Generally, renters insurance policies only insure one person, or one person and their family. In a few cases, however, a renters insurance policy will provide two roommates who aren’t related with coverage. Policies that do will name each roommate as a covered individual and detail what their insurance coverage includes.

It’s unlikely that you’re named on your roommate’s renters insurance policy, but there is a slight chance if you purchased insurance together. If you want to check, you can ask your roommate to review their insurance policy and see whether you’re named in it. You probably aren’t, but you might be.

Finding a Policy for Yourself

Unless you’re in a rare situation where a renters insurance policy insures both you and your roommate, you’ll need your own insurance policy. When you purchase an insurance policy for yourself, you’ll be named on the policy as the insured individual — and you’ll receive the protections that your chosen policy affords.

If you need help figuring out whether you’re already named on a renters insurance policy, or if you need assistance finding a policy, contact us at GTW Insurance. Our independent insurance agents have seen many policies and can easily review your roommate’s to see whether you’re named in it. Assuming you aren’t, they can also help you shop around for an affordable policy that will cover you. To contact our renters insurance agents, fill out the form on our website.


Indoor Entertainment For The Kids This Winter

Indoor entertainment for the kids is important. Especially during the winter months, it can be hard to keep the kids entertained. It is cold outside and the kids don’t want to be bored. It is up to you to create activities so that they are not bouncing off the walls.

Cater the activities to the age groups that you have in the house. You may also want to consider hosting a large activity for all of the kids within the neighborhood – and take turns with some of the other families. Sometimes, the larger activities will keep the kids entertained for longer and when it is your turn to give them to someone else, you can have some peace and quiet.

Arts and crafts activities are a great way to keep the mind activated when they are not at school. Encourage creativity whenever possible. Some of the ways you can create these activities include:

  • Salt dough
  • Holiday ornaments
  • Creating a storybooks
  • Legos/building blocks

Try to keep kids off of the TV for extended periods of time. While they may have a number of TV shows that they like to watch or even video games, it is not healthy for them to simply sit in a comatose state in front of the TV for hours on end. If you are going to put on the TV, make sure some of it is educational. You should also consider shows or programs that are going to get them up and moving. This can include workouts and yoga.

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