3 Reasons Why Having Renters Insurance is Important

Are you a renter who is trying to determine whether or not you should take out a renters insurance policy? Many people take the risk of not having coverage when they rent an apartment, condo, or home. However, they are setting themselves up for a significant loss.

Here are four reasons why having renters insurance is important.

Reason #1: Replacing Your Belongings is Expensive

Imagine a situation where you come home from work where everything you own has either been stolen or damaged by fire. What would you do? Many renters think that their landlord would pay for replacement, which is completely untrue. Instead, you would be responsible for paying to buy new versions each of your belongings. Would you be able to afford this expense?

Think about all of the different items you own: clothing, books, kitchen supplies, electronics, etc. It is important to weigh the overall cost of replacing them versus what you would pay in insurance premiums each month. For most people, the cost of the policy pales in comparison to what the overall replacement bill would be.

Reason #2: Guests Do Get Injured

Most people like to believe that their home is a safe place for guests. However, accidents do happen. For example, your beloved pet pooch gets frightened at the thought of an unknown stranger and bites the person you’ve invited over. Or a neighbor stops by to chat, trips over a rug, and injures their ankle. There are a multitude of different scenarios that could happen, all of which you would be liable.

One of the best things about a renters insurance policy is that it includes a section specifically addressing liability. If someone is injured while visiting your home, the policy will pay for their reasonable medical bills and any normal legal fees connected to the incident. (Each carrier outlines this a little differently, so it is important to speak with your sales agent to determine what exactly is covered.)

Reason #3: Expecting the Unexpected

Another reason to have a renters insurance policy is to simply expect the unexpected. While we’ve outlined a few direct scenarios above, there are thousands of different things that can happen to those who rent where they live. By having a policy in place beforehand, you can rest assured that you are prepared should something unfortunate occur.

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Find Out Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle

When you live in Imperial, Missouri, you want to do all that you can to keep your car up and running. There are various ways for you to extend the life of your car so that it lasts for more years. Having the proper maintenance service on a regular basis and being conscious about your actions can make a significant difference.

Be conscious when you are on the road. Always observe the speed limit, and avoid sudden stops and starts whenever possible. Driving faster can cause wind resistance, and this can also cost you more money in gas. You don’t want to spend any more than what is absolutely necessary in gas, and you should focus on the speed. Sudden braking can also result in meeting brakes much faster.

Your car should always be tuned up. Within your owner’s manual, there will be a schedule for when you should have your car tuned. The engine needs maintenance on a regular basis and if you miss a tune-up, it can result in a lot of trouble down the line. Your car won’t be as fuel efficient, and you may blow through more air filters.

Your A/C may be running considerably more than it needs to be. There are many car owners who will simply turn on the AC in Missouri just because it is available. Running it for too long can affect your engine. This is because the air conditioner is powered by the engine. Drive with the windows down and park in the shade from time to time, and you can save your engine a lot of energy.

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