What Happens If My Foundation Sinks?

Missouri offers a lot of attractions. This includes the St Louis Zoo, the Gateway Arch, Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Silver Dollar City, and more. Millions of residents live within the state and much of this has to do with a relatively low cost of living in comparison to other states across the country.

If you’re going to be a homeowner within the state, you need to look at the details of your home. By doing this, you can ensure you purchase the best possible homeowners insurance policy.

The basics on a policy will cover against fire and theft. However, there is more to homeowner’s insurance than those two things. If something happens with your home, you will want to make sure that you are able to file a claim. The insurance company should be responsible for paying for repairs – and this means you need the right coverage.

A sinking foundation is a serious problem. If it starts to occur within your home, several things can happen:

– Your porch begins to sink

– The foundation cracks

– Your walls can crack

– Water can seep into the home

None of these actions are positive and therefore you will want to contact the insurance company immediately. They can send someone out to examine the extent of damage within your home in Missouri. They can then determine if you have the coverage and contact several companies to come out and provide you with quotes to get the work done. In many instances, you won’t have to pay out of pocket. The company that will replacing the sinking foundation and porch would bill directly to the insurance company.

Homeowner’s insurance in Missouri can be easier to obtain with the help of one of our agents. We will go over foundation coverage and more.

Do I Need Traditional Or Classic Car Insurance?

Missouri has a lot of beautiful sites. There are national parks, the Arch in St. Louis, as well as several rivers and lakes. Residents can look forward to home prices that are lower than the average around the country as well.

If you drive an antique, it’s important to determine whether you need traditional or classic car insurance. If you choose incorrectly, you could find that you aren’t as protected financially as you need to be.

The main difference between the two forms of insurance is the way they calculate the value of the car. The reason this matters so much is because if you are involved in an accident where your car is totaled, you want the car insurance company to pay you the correct amount.

Traditional insurance looks at the cost of the car new and then depreciates it based upon the current year. If you have a collectible, the value could be very low because a car from the 1970s would be depreciated to next to nothing.

Classic car insurance looks at what the collectible is actually worth on the market in terms of being able to replace it. This is the better option when you have a car that is several decades old.

When you purchase classic car insurance in Missouri, you will want to make sure the insurance company looks at several things when determining the cost of insurance. This includes:

– Year of car model

– Condition

– Estimated value

– Number of miles driven per year

– Location of storage

Call and talk to one of our agents today. We can help you obtain classic car insurance for your antique in Missouri today and ensure you get an affordable policy. This will provide you with peace of mind when out on the roads.