What Car Insurance Coverage Is Needed To Protect Against Hail?

Missouri has a lot of gorgeous areas for people to call home. There are various events throughout the year, including BBQ cook-offs, county fairs, and more. The state has a lot to offer both residents and tourists and many people come to see the St. Louis Arch.

When you are shopping for car insurance, you want to make sure you have the coverage needed to protect against hail damage. If you get caught in a hail storm and there is damage to your clear coat, you will want to be able to file a claim.

Within the state of Missouri, you are required to maintain a minimum level of liability insurance. This only covers personal injury and property damages to a certain dollar amount. It isn’t going to protect against anything that doesn’t occur outside of an accident.

Hail damage can occur whether you’re on the road or not. When hail comes down, it can do so while you’re in the grocery store or while your car is sitting in the driveway at home. Regardless of when it happens, it has the ability to not only damage your clear coat but also leave dings in the body of the car and also crack your windshield.

Comprehensive car insurance is what will keep you protected. This is an additional form of coverage that can be added to your policy in Missouri. It will cover all of the non-moving things that can occur. It includes not only hail damage but also storm damage, rocks that could fly up and hit your car when driving down the road, and more.

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